Nentir Vale Campaign

Session 2: A Dubious Benefactor

Timandrius approaches the tieflings, who curtly dismiss him. Once they find that he is party of an able-bodied group of adventurers, they are intrigued, and believe that he may be able to help them an their allies. The trio, Saturos, Menardi, and Felix, entrust the party with a small box, and ask them to deliver it to an old sage to the west in Winterhaven, a man named Valthrun. Though somewhat uneased by the package and its secret contents, the party set off almost at once.

Along the way to Winterhaven, there are few interruptions. Of note, Clubbers successfully defended the party from a wild buffalo stampede. Upon entering Winterhaven, the party heads straight to Wrafton’s Inn, and meet with Salvana Wrafton. They ask for information about Valthrun, and she points to a table in the corner, where he is enjoying a glass of wine over some parchments.

As the party approaches and mentions the delivery, Valthrun begs their silence, and rents a room so the may discuss the object in question to alleviate and worries or curiosities of the party. They find that the box contains a very detailed map of Thunderspire Labyrinth, a location far to the east. Valthrun, as a sage, was studying Thunderspire, and was going to hire some adventurers to investigate some of the rooms and areas for him. With little prodding, the party agrees to look into it for him.

Their return trip to Fallcrest is equally uneventful, with the exception of Dawn undermining a kobold ambush. She even manages to befriend one of them, whom she invites into her sleeping bag that evening. Much to her dismay, she finds that she wakes alone, and is now 30 gold lighter as well.

Upon returning to Fallcrest, the party return to the Drunken Dragon, where the innkeeper let them know that a package was waiting for them. They rent a room and go up to open it. Inside are five very fine traveling cloaks and an invitation from a noble of the Harkenwold area to act as bouncers and enforcers at a party he’s throwing. He heard of their recent exploits with the succubus, and requests their services. He promises excellent compensation, and the party agree at once.

As they go back downstairs, they are greeted by the doorman of the carriage to Harkenwold, and he whistles for the driver to bring the carriage around. It is a magnificent vehicle, pulled by four strong horses. The gilded crest of the Kado family is inscribed on each door and sewn into each curtain of the carriage. Clubbers, much more comfortable outside the carriage, walks along with his bear. With the extra space, Adrie has her wolf, Ice, sit with her inside.

Towards the end of the first day, the wagon is waylaid by would-be bandits, but the doorman and driver are more capable than they appear, and drop one of the attackers before the party can really act. The three other attackers have no choice but to retreat, obviously not expecting this much resistance from a noble’s wagon. Timandrius, having a feeling that things are nor what they seem, privately convinces the party to go the rest of the way to Harkenwold on foot, telling the driver and doorman that they are going to hunt down the bandits and end them once and for all.

With Adrie and Clubbers leading the way, the party finds the bandit camp in no time. The come to an unexpected scene, however: the eladrin rogue sobs over the loss of her dragonborn fighter compatriot, and the human wizard consoling her stares hard at the party. The elf ranger reacts to their presence by swiftly arming her bow.

The party learns that they are enemies of Lord Kado, whose colors they are wearing. Timandrius explains that they were merely hired, and owe no loyalty to the lord. The bandits explain that Kado is a tyrant that frivolously spends his money while his people suffer. Upon learning that the party will act as bouncers and doormen at one of Kado’s famous parties, the bandits implore the party to just let them through the gate so they may take care of Kado once and for all.

Practicing caution, the party says they will do some more research, and relay their final decision to the bandits the morning of the party.

The party continues towards Harkenwold, and arrives at dawn of the next day. They investigate around the town, and meet with conflicting descriptions of Lord Kado.


Kado graciously paid us all in advance for our work. He gave everyone +2 amulets of protection. Poor decision on his part.

Session 2: A Dubious Benefactor
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