Nentir Vale Campaign

Session 1: Avenging an Ally

The party of adventurers had recently returned to Fallcrest after a successful mission. Five of the party members were enjoying drinks in the Drunken Dragon when their sixth member came in. Chris, a warlock, was behaving irregularly, and upon investigation, it was found that he had to meet with his “boss,” the source of his powers. The party, rightly concerned for their friend, offered their help, but he assured them that he had to do this alone.

As Chris exited the tavern, some of the locals approached the adventurers, scolding them for consorting with someone as disreputable as a warlock. In defense of their friend, a fight soon broke out.

The party, as skilled combatants, soon cleared the room of peasants, leaving them moaning and groaning around the tavern. After leaving the tavern, a blood trail is soon found, leading them to the poorly-concealed body of their ally, Chris. Adrie, the party ranger, investigated the body, and found a cloak was wrapped around Chris’s body. She found that the sap and twigs stuck to the cloth indicated it came from the nearby forest. Her wolf companion, Ice, picked up the scent on the found cloak, and they were racing off towards the forest.

Hot on the trail, they come to a clearing and witness a strange sight: four gray wolves and a dire wolf, standing immobile, surround a tiefling holding a bloody blade. The party assume they’ve found their culprit, but are quickly taken off-balance as the creature’s eyes grow red as turn their attention to the party. The tiefling breaks into a run, further in the forest.

As the party is beset by the ensorcelled wolves, and roar breaks through the night and a bear erupts into the clearing, paws, mouth, and eyes aflame. After a brutal battle, the party continues onward, until they come to the mouth of the Caves of Chaos.

After some tactical reconnaissance, the party decides on a two-prong assault. Dawn, Tailia, Clubbers, and Tubbers begin through the southern entrance, and Adrie, Ice, and Timandrius enter through the center. After tactical positioning, the party encounters some unexpected enemies: devils, including a succubus, the source of Chris’s power. The party soundly defeat her and her allies. Her allies, once defeated, are banished back to the Nine Hells, but Dawn, with a brilliant bluff, catches the succubus’s attenion.

Dawn says that a deal can be made here. Intrigued, the succubus places Chris’s soul in an orb and is willing to trade it to the party in exchange for a favor at a different point in time. Through much tense debate, the party comes to no clear consensus, and she is finally banished as well. She leaves with a threat to the party, that they have not seen the last of her. She drops the orb containing Chris’s soul, which cracks. Despite the best efforts of the party, they cannot mend the orb, and without it as a focus, Chris’s spirit cannot sustain itself on this plane.

Chris’s spirit, in the aftermath of the battle, relays some choice information. The succubus may be working for the Iron Circle, a band of mercenary gangs far to the south with their eyes on the southern Nentir Vale. The Iron Circle have some diabolic alliances, and the party should be wary: they have made an enemy of an immortal.

Having slain the conniving succubus, her subtle influence over the town was broken. The townsfolk are once again pleased with the party. The peasants that picked a fight with the party apologize, and offer to buy a round of drinks. As things seem to be be coming to a close, Timandrius sees an odd group catch his eye: a trio of tieflings, heads together in collaboration…


I thought we just made the succubus run away (when she did that flame attack on us then poofed up into smoke). Did we actually slay her? Also Timandrius went after her & the orb while we were working out a deal with her, and that’s how she fumbled the orb and it broke.

Also awesome description.

Session 1: Avenging an Ally

Yeah, I’m mostly working from memory on all this stuff. When we play next, I’ll actually keep notes on what’s happened, in addition to what might happen. The posts will hopefully only get better from here, especially with all the wiki-like links making things very clear.

Session 1: Avenging an Ally

BTW this whole thing is awesome. Even if we’re the only 2 people that ever post anything on it, I like it a lot. I’m tempted to upload a map from MS paint, even though I don’t even know what the map actually looks like.

Session 1: Avenging an Ally

Just Google “Nentir Vale Map.” Problem solved.

Session 1: Avenging an Ally
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