Nentir Vale Campaign

Gardmore Abbey, Session 3

Fey Family Frustrations!!

After much debate (and delay), the party decides to actually go and help solve Sir Oakley’s problems at the Temple to Bahamut at Dragon’s Roost. They enter the large, ruined temple, and can hear the flapping of wings. They walk inside the grand but crumbling temple and find two harpies. They bid the party welcome, and press the party to pay homage to their lord Bahamut. Clubbers, in a rare moment of clarity, sees that the two are obviouslt insane, driven mad by some force.
However, Tim attempts to befriend the harpies against Oakley’s advice. Tim asks about the creatures and how they came to this place> one of the harpies answers his questions with such phrases as “The light of Bahamut brought me here!” and “Through his benevolent guidance, he keeps us safe.”
Eventually, the harpy asks if the entire party worships Bahamut. Seeing through Tim’s lie of “…Yes?”, the harpies enrage, and cry, “Non-believers! Smite them!”
Surprisingly, three angels are summoned to the harpies’ sides. After a gruesome battle, the party manages to clear the temple of feathery foes. Exploring the temple, TaiLee found their sleeping quarters, and found that they had shoved many gold pieces into the cracks in the wall, giving the room a golden glow. Dawn finds a gem that increases the accuracy of her sword, Clubbers finds a card from the Deck, and Sir Oakley confirms that they need to perform the Ritual of Purification in order to cleanse the temple.
At this point, the party decides to take a rest in the temple. Contemplating their net course of action (and ignoring Oakley’s pleas to find the components for the ritual), Izaak proposes they search for the other adventuring party they ran into. They head down from Dragon’s Roost into the Feygrove, and about halfway down, crashing through the trees and a woman’s screams alert the party to danger. For once, acting like heroes, they rush to the scream.
At a ruined belltower, the party confronts a pair of displacer beasts attacking a young eladrin woman. Now unconscious, her screams alert a hive of stirges that also attack the party. In the aftermath of the battle, the young woman bears a striking resemblance to Dawn, who remains uncharacteristically quiet.
Clubbers heals her. Grateful, she stands and introduces herself as Astralana. Almost immediately, her eyes lock on Dawn’s, and she excitedly runs up to her. Surprise! Dawn and Ana are related! Ana suggests that the entire party meets with her brother, Berrian. Her gaze lingers on Tim for just a moment longer than everyone else.
Further into the Feygrove, the party enters a clearing that houses a small group of eladrin warriors. In the middle is a tall, handsome eladrin that looks much like a male version of Dawn. (But with eladrin, how can you really tell, right?) He greets Dawn warmly as well, though she still acts coolly towards him. He explains that, since the disappearance of their father, he is not the heir apparent of House Velfarren.
Dawn explains she’s been hiding all the bastard children her father left behind from Berrian and Ana after she found out her step-mother ordered them all killed for some reason.
Berrian says that he is no longer hunting his siblings, and Tim thinks he’s being genuine. Berrian also reveals that here, the Font of Ioun can show you glimpses of the future. Berrian and Ana are looking for their father. Clubbers (going two for two) brings up the other party, but Berrian admits he hasn’t seen them.
Each member of the party take a drink from the fountain in the glade, and all have visions of Gardmore Abbey from different times. However, when Tim drinks, he has an out of body experience, and believes he saw through the eyes of an orc in the present-day Abbey ruins. As they head out, Berrian asks them to investigate a ruined groundskeeper’s cottage back up the path for some journals. Naturally, the party obliges.
As they approach the cottage, Clubbers (on a roll today) hears noises coming from inside. The party attempts to sneak closer when they hear a loud screech, and Clubbers the druid identifies the cry as coming from an owlbear. However, as they move closer, not one, but two owlbears burst from the cottage.
Clubbers takes center stage and manages to stop an outright assault from the mated pair. Dawn, attempting to scare them away with an illusion of the owlbears’ natural predator (a displacer beast, of course), does not make her illusion convincingly enough. Tim bluffs that he will light the cottage on fire, and Clubbers makes a displacer beast call, but not realistically enough. TaiLee attempts to sneak on top of the building to scare them, and barely succeeds. Tim somehow successfully intimidates a pair of owlbears, and Dawn fails once again at making illusory displacer beasts, despite the party’s aid. At this the owlbears attack!
In some form of kindness, the owlbears are knocked out instead of killed. Izaak eats one of the owlbear eggs, and TaiLee takes another. They find the books that Berrian was looking for, and they seem to stabilize his convictions. Berrian reveals he wants to make the Feygrove a stronghold of the eladrin, an outpost in the natural world. The books prove that this rampant overgrowth of land was formed and shaped by the hands of eladrin, and that they deserve to hold this area of the Abbey.
Also, Berrian tells Dawn that their father’s last message led them to Gardmore Abbey. “TaiLee, having saved an egg from Izaak, tries to roll it back to the unconscious owlbears. It’s kind of messed up.”
After their meeting with Berrian, the party has a debate about where to go next. Unluckily, Tim loses the coin toss, and TaiLee convinces the party to explore the final building in Dragon’s Roost: the Heroes’ Gate. Inside, they encounter a large drake and a pair of terrible, terrible rust monsters. However, due to the quick thinking of Clubbers (WHAT?), he flattens one of the rust monsters with the unsecured door, and the party makes short work of the rest of the creatures.
They party has cleared out the upper level of the Abbey, but they still have to help Oakley find the last item to perform the ritual, investigate the orc camp for Lord Padraig of Winterhaven, and aid Berrian in his quest to find their father.


Why didn’t TaiLee keep the egg?!?!? MORE ANIMALS ARE NEEDED IN THE PARTY.

Gardmore Abbey, Session 3
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