Nentir Vale Campaign

Gardmore Abbey, Session 2

Cleansing the Crypts

The party left the safety of the Vaults they just cleared to press onward, investigating other area of the ruins of Dragon’s Roost. The first building they entered was a ruined temple of some kind, and we’re almost immediately set upon by monsters that had taken up residence there. A bullette and a pair of carrion crawlers launch themselves at the party, and Tim briefly drops.

After tending to their wounds, the party investigates the room they find an old well, and Clubbers wastes no time jumping right in. He swims as deep as he can, and finally hits bottom. He finds some treasure, and the party is disappointed that his rash behavior was rewarded.

As the party makes their way down the stairs, try come face to face with another adventuring party. Very much off-balance, the party doesn’t know what to make of them, so they default to mistrust and snarky comments, hoping to push the other side to fight. Not taking the bait, the human female leader of the other party leads her team out of the catacombs. Not willing to let sleeping dogs lie, they send TaiLee to tail them. She comes back with little information, but saw them take the sloping path down into the Feygrove. After a mostly successful scouting job, she is spotted by the barbarian as she heads back to the party.

Once again, curiosity gets the better of them, and Time and Izaak open one of the sarcophagi in this room, only to be immediately cursed by Bahamut. They will be punished until they can cleanse the catacombs of any evil influence. In the next room, skeletons attack the party, and after defeating them, a mosaic to Bahamut begins to glow. The party each drink from a blessed font in tr corner of the room to boost their resilience against evil necrotic energies. TaiLee finds a hidden door, and finds a room depicting Bahamut as a dracolich. In this room, paladins from the abbey would pray for courage in the face of death, and three paladin remains were found here, along with some treasure in their possession.

The PCs push into a room through some dragonscale curtains, and are immediately set upon by very strong undead. Wraiths and ghouls attack with lifeless fury, and take their toll on the party. At this point, they retreat to the hidden room, and take an extended rest.

Fully charged, they enter a large chamber full of coffins. A madman’s cackle echoes through the chamber. Vaidin Cartwright, the mad priest of Tharizdun, has desecrated these chambers, and he attacks them with vampire thrills and a basilisk as his allies. Vaidin, tied to the Deck, relinquishes three more cards of the Deck of Many Things.

Looking to clear the catacombs entirely and remove the curse on Izaak and Tim, they head south to finish the level. In the final room, mummies rise and attack. From behind a wall, a small flaming skull flies around the ceiling of the chamber, and bombards the room with fiery explosions, indistinguishable between enemy and ally.

Tim speaks with the flaming skull, and convinces it to not attack the party. With the last room cleansed, Tim and Izaak gain a Dragon’s breath ability as a reward for cleansing the catacombs. The skull has little to tell about recent activities, but did hear fighting earlier the day before, and says that he’s been “dead” for 300 years, since before the fall of the Abbey.

He introduces himself as Sir Hector, and agrees to accompany Tim as thanks for putting his spirit to rest. He has knowledge and advice to offer, and his first lesson to Timandrius was, “No matter the situation, always stay cool, and keep your head!”


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